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Zaman Architecture Studio was established by Farinaz Zaman (architect and interior designer, M.Sc. graduate from the University of Tehran) and Mohammadpour Ali (architect and performer, M.Sc. graduate from the University of Tehran) and brought together a group of professional and creative architects. It officially started its activity in 2015 in Tehran.
Zaman Architecture Studio is active in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, furniture design, facade and landscape architecture, and also the main activity of this group in the field of interior architecture is in the form of design and implementation of zero to one hundred projects.
The field of activity of this complex is in Tehran, Istanbul, UAE and the Persian Gulf.
Our mission and goal is to rely on knowledge and expertise to improve the quality and performance of the space in the design, construction and execution according to the lifestyle of users, which results in increasing the level of satisfaction of living in the designed space.

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The placed projects are only a part of the projects implemented by us in recent years, which you can see the specifications of these projects along with photos after design and implementation. Click the button below to view.

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