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Zaman studio work process

first stage

At first, after you send us your design request, we set an appointment to discover your lifestyle, interests, and requirements then we make a design contract.

second stage

Second, we start the design based on our expertise, considering your requirements. We try different styles and the best one will be chosen and each element of the project will be designed based on your lifestyle and the project potentials.

third stage

Third, after the design process had been conducted, you will be informed, and if any changes are required, they will be considered. This process will take almost 15-30 working days.

fourth stage

Fourth, after the final confirmation of the design, the project timing will be estimated and an executory contract will be set. In this stage, we are obligated to execute the design thoroughly and perfectly.

About Us

mohammad pour ali
founder and operational engineer

Farinaz zaman
founder and designer

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