A luxurious modern beauty salon, inspired by ancient Greek gods Athena and Aphrodite

We spend most of our life in interior spaces. These spaces, have a major influence on our behaviors and can affect the way we perform our activities.

Interior design is a way to improve lifestyle. By applying the appropriate definition of spaces considering the function, right colors, and materials, designing the best circulation, you will be able to create a practical space that provides your needs.

Zaman architecture studio is a team of experts who can provide you a luxury functional space.

The lavender beauty salon was a newly built residential building. Turning it into an equipped luxury modern beauty salon, needed some significant changes.

After some futile consultations with several interior designers, the employer visited us.

Project name: lavender beauty salon

Location: Shahrak-e Gharb, Tehran, Iran

Zaman architecture studio

Interior designer: Farinaz Zaman

Executive engineer: Mohammad Pourali

Decoration style: modern, luxury

Dominant colors: white, gray, purple

Design duration:

Execute duration:

Design idea

The concept of this project, considering that the clients are women, was Greek Gods –Aphrodite and Athena-

We need a space that embodies women’s personality traits such as beauty, temptation, and dignity.

Aphrodite is an ancient Greek goddess associated with lovebeautypleasurepassion, and procreation; and Athena is the Olympian goddess of wisdom and war.

Choosing the right materials is an important factor in conveying the spatial sense as it defines each space. The project materials had been chosen based on its concept to create a strong, beautiful tempting space.

  • Stone as the symbol of susceptibility despite the rigidity
  • Glass as the symbol of elegance
  • Metal as the symbol of flexibility

We have chosen white, purple, and gray as the dominant design colors based on the concept of the project.

سالن زیبایی لوندر

The challenges

According to the change of use from residential to commercial, we confronted some space deficiency.

The original structure was a 110 m2 plan containing two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and bathrooms.

before plan

The space needed for each function had been provided, by using the correct planning.


Functions like:

  • Entrance and dressing room
  • Waiting area
  • Makeup, hair, and nail lines
  • Shampoo area
  • Bride room
  • pantry


To have more space to define the entrance and fulfill the clients’ requirements, we shifted the wall near the entrance and designed a beautiful closet instead, considering the efficient area of the room.

We designed a stone counter working with an accent wall to define the reception area. We also designed a beautiful cozy waiting room on the other side.

Considering that the shampoo area is a wet area, the chosen area must have some quality; So we decreased the kitchen into the minimum standard area to create a shampoo area. To keep its individuality, we used mirror louvers.

One of the bedrooms turned into the bride’s room. We put an L-shaped sofa in the corner of the room, to provide a place for attendants. We also designed a closet for renting accessories that creates a beautiful space in combination with the designed flower ceiling.

The room near the washing area turned into nail bars; we tried to create a sense of elegance and provide the equipment, by designing the furniture and putting some shelves on the walls.

We have created some individual space for each of the Pedicure, hair, and makeup functions by spatial division and the definition of each area using colors and materials. There been several alternatives for these spaces and the best one was chosen based on the employer’s opinion.

First alternative

سالن زیبایی لوندر

Second alternative

Third alternative

In this article, we tried to show you the importance of material, color, furniture, and space circulation in designing interior spaces.To see more photos of this project, click the links below.